5 Pcs Multistone Platonic Solid Chakra Reiki Gemstone Balancing Sacred Geometry

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* Presenting a Multi Stone 5 Platonic Solids Chakra Set.
* Size: 1 CM to 2 CM(Approx.)
* P.S: We have mentioned the approx. Size but size may vary in total length and Pendant Length.
* Color: Multi color.
* Stone: Multi stone.
* This beautiful Set of the 5 Platonic Solids(Sacred Geometry) are the building blocks of all creation, are arranged in chakra order to facilitate chakra balancing. These Shapes correspond with the elements: earth (hexahedron aka cube), air (octahedron), fire (tetrahedron) and water (Icosohedron), with the fifth, dodecahedron, representing heaven, ether or the Universe.
* P.S These Are Natural Stones, So The Product You Might Receive Can Be Vary.