6 Pcs Set Stainless Steel Round Shape Quarter Dinner Plate Kitchenware Utensils

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* Presenting a Set of 6 Pcs Stainless Steel Traditional Plate Set.
* Material: Stainless Steel.
* Color- Silver.
* Size (Big): 11" to 11.5" inches Diameter.
* Size (Medium): 10.5" inches Diameter.
* Size (Small): 7" to 7.5" inches Diameter.
* Weight – 1.618 Kg (approx).
* Sale For: 1 Set (6 Pcs).
* The 6 pcs Stainless steel plates set. It is for multipurpose use for in home, offices and restaurants. It is the basic plate which is required everywhere. It is very economical in range, made of food grade stainless steel. It is non breakable, durable, sturdy, rust free and long lasting.