Black Tourmaline Stone Faceted Cone Pendulum Dowsing Reiki Gemstones Spiritual

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* Beautiful Black Tourmaline Cone Faceted Reiki Pendulum Dowsing Reiki with a little ball to help you hold on, vibration-free bead chain, the pendulum ends in a fine point.
* Material: Brass.
* Stone Name: Tourmaline.
* Color: Black.
* Size: Total Length 9" to 10" Inches.
* Pendant Size: Length 1" to 2" Inches.
* P.S: We have mentioned the approx. Size but size may vary in length and width.
* Weight: 12 Grams (Approx.).
* P.S These Are Natural Stones, So The Product You Might Receive Can Be Vary.* Weight: Grams (Approx.).