Bollywood Designer Goldplated Traditional Indian Band Size 6 Bridal Ring Jewelry

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* Indian Traditional Goldplated Ring .
* Gold plating is done on it with beautiful metal casting.
* Ring Size: US Size 6/ UK Size L1/2
* Display Size: 16 mm X 10 mm
* Metal: Alloy .
* Care: Keep the jewelry covered in plastic bag when not is use. Do not apply perfume after wearing the jewelry.
All gold-plated jewelry is made from high quality 18 Ct gold over brass/ copper/ alloy. The 18 Ct means that it has a ratio of gold over alloy content. Gold plate does not tarnish like silver, however with wear, it will get dirty and is likely to corrode due to individual body chemistry, medications, moisture, chemicals, creams, perfumes, hair products, and such like.
Remember that it is not solid gold and anything the wearer comes into contact with can effect the gold plating. Individual wear and life style can also be a factor. In time, and depending on care taken and the amount of wear, gold-plated pieces are susceptible to having the gold wearing away. To minimize this:
• dust gold-plated jewelry with a soft cloth or wash by hand in warm soapy water, rinse and pat dry. Do not rub. Dry immediately; do not leave to soak in water to avoid spotting
• be extra careful with gold-plated jewelry not to scuff; keep separate from other jewelry which may scratch it. Keep protected in a jewelry box;
• avoid exposing your jewelry to solvents, perfumes, hair sprays or other chemicals. Make sure that these are applied and fully absorbed before putting on your jewelry;
• oils in skin and sulphur in some knitwear can tarnish jewelry, but this can be kept minimal by caring for it;
• do not wear your jewelry whilst in bed, showering, gardening, doing housework, swimming or at the gym;
• keep away from hard surfaces. Bumps and scratches will cause the gold layer to wear away faster;
• do not wear gold-plated jewelry all of the time;
• put jewelry on last when dressing and take off first when undressing.