Copper Steel Serving Bowl Tableware Dinnerware Indian Kitchen Utensil Dia 9"

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* 1 Serving Bowl.
* Outside is of Copper and inside is of steel Material.
* Height: 4" inches, Upper Diameter: 9" and Base Diameter: 5.2" inches
* Weight: 680 Gram.
Since Indian families uphold the value of eating together, why not embrace that wonderful tradition and celebrate it in true Indian style. With this authentic and decorative tableware, you can achieve a truly authentic Indian dining experience your family and guests will forever remember. This handi is traditional tableware to serve Indian dishes, both dry kind as well as curry items. Be aware that this bowl has two layers of metal, which enable it to preserve heat for longer duration. Therefore this handi should be used only as centerpiece serve-ware tableware. It should never be used as a cookware. Use this handi serving pan to enjoy an authentic Indian dining experience.