Decorative Cushion Cover Patchwork Home Decor 25” Diameter Pillow Cotton Case

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* Traditionally Patchwork Indian ethnic cushion cover in antique fashion.
* Color: Multicolor.
* Cushion Cover Back : Olive Green Solid Pattern.
* Material: Cotton Blend.
* Can be used as a sofa cushion or a throw pillow for beds.
* Shape: Round.
* Size : 25" inches Diameter (Approx.)
* Weight : 282 Grams.
* Decorate your home with this amazingly created cushion cover with gorgeous handmade patchwork. The shiny threadwork adds glamour to the cover. You can insert and remove a pillow without much hassle. *P.S. Handmade patchwork cushion cover made from vintage patches, patches may vary than actual image