Floral Print Ceramic Knobs Cabinet Knob Drawer Pull Unique Cabinet Knobs CDN1065

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* Set of 2 Beautiful ceramic Knobs.
* Material: Ceramic.
* Shape: Pumpkin.
* Color: Black, mauve floral Pattern on Off White.
* Knob Size: 1.6" inch diameter and 1.5" inch in deep
* Screw Length: 1.3" inches. total length: 2.5"
* Give a decorative touch to dresser drawers, cabinets, doors and more with this Ceramic Knob set!
* All our products are exquisitely handmade, one piece at a time, using natural made products. It is therefore quite difficult if not impossible to make identical items

. * These are absolutely adorable and a great way to reface an existing piece of furniture