Gold Embroidered Decorative Bullions Hand Thread Rough Purl Bullion By 3 Yard

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* Metallic Gold color metallic bullion thread for hand embroidery work.
* Type of metal thread is rough purl.
* Bullion metal thread is made from fine metal wire which is coiled into a spring like spiral.
* Perfect for embroidery, embellishment, stitching and other decorative purpose.
* Sale for 3 yard.
* Size: 2 millimeter in diameter.

* Shiny and bright thread that has a smooth surface and has a matte finish. They come in two to three lengths to make one yard. The vibrant colors are perfect for embroidery, designing and decorations. You can get these metallic bullions from our store at a very cheap price. So hurry and pick the shades of your choice and personalize your outfits.
P.S. Bullion will not come in one continuous piece. It will come in six strands and each strands measures approx 18" to 20" long.