Harmonize Lepidolite Stone 7 Pieces Sacred Geometry Sets Reiki Healing Crystal Spiritual Gift.

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✤ Presenting 7 Pieces Of Lepidolite Stone Platonic Solids Chakra Set.

✤ Stone: Lepidolite | Color: Pink.

✤ Size: 1 to 2 cm (Approx).

✤ Weight: 65 Grams(Approx).

✤ Sale For: 1 Set (Contains 7 Stones).

✤ This beautiful set of the 7 platonic solids(Sacred Geometry) are the building blocks of all creation are arranged in chakra order to facilitate chakra balancing.These shapes are Cube, Icosahedron,Tetrahedron,Octahedron,Ball,Merkaba Star and Dodecahedron.

➽ P.S We have mentioned approx size, size may vary in length and width. | These are natural stones, so the product you might receive can be vary.