Harmonize Reiki Energy Healing Locket 7 Chakra Natural Stones Pendant Sacred Jewelry-3 Pieces.

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✤ Beautiful Reiki Pendant Embellish With 7 Chakra Stones.

✤ Material: Brass | Color: Multicolour.

✤ Symbol: Angel, Fairy & Crescent Moon.

✤ Size (in inches): Length: 1.5", Width: 0.5" (Approx.).

✤ Weight: 14 Grams(Approx).

✤ Sale For: Set Of 3 Pieces.

✤ A beautiful addition to any collection, the Reiki Pendant is a powerful energy magnifier and can be used in healing, energy balancing, spiritual centering, focus of intent and protection.

➽ P.S: We have mentioned approx size, size may slightly vary in length and width | These are natural stones, so the product you might receive can be vary from the image.