Home Decor Crystal Shree Mahameru Yantra Vastu Feng Shui Car Dashboard Table

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* Beautiful Crystal Clear Mahameru Yantram .
* Material: Crystal.
* Size(In Inches): Height - 1.3", Base: 1.4" X 1.4"(Approx.).
* Weight: 52 Grams(Approx.).
* Color: Clear.
* Made In India.
* Learned Brahmins and saints advice devotees to do Maha Meru Pooja everyday. The Maha Meru could be immersed in water for better effects. A coconut should be kept in front of the kalash or over it and kumkum (sindoor) should be applied over and over again while reciting this mantra nine times : Om Nithya klinna thirupurusundarie vidmahee nithya mantraye dhimahee thanno nithya prachodayath yoni mudraya pranameth namaha.