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The most ancient Relics of weighing scales have been discovered in the Indus River Valley. The importance of weighing scales is that it helps you to measure the objects in a precise manner. The art of measurement has been a skill that has set the human race apart from other species since medieval times—offering you the most beautiful handicraft products made by India's rural artists. All are made by Rural Artists of India!
Handcrafted Brass Apothecary Scale.

✤ Package includes 1 Brass Apothecary Scale.
✤ Material: Brass with a wooden base.
✤ Dimension: 17x11x7 cm, contain Brass Mass Set of (20gm - 1 Qty, 10gm - 2 Qty, 5gm - 1 Qty, 2gm - 2 Qty, 1gm - 1 Qty)
✤ Brand name: IBA Indianbeautifulart
✤ Color: Gold
✤ Function: Beautiful Apothecary Scale for decorative purpose