IBA Indianbeautifulart Brass Aladdin Magic Genie Lamp Table Decoration Vintage Arabian Costume Prop Collectible

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This Aladdin lamp with engraved work, the light of divinity, wisdom, intellect, and good works. These are all manifestations of the symbolic nature of the lamp. It is a pinnacle symbol of self-sacrifice, as it consumes itself to offer light to the world.

✤ Package includes 1 Aladdin lamp
✤ Dimensions (Approx): Height: 3.5 to 4" Inches | Width: 6" Inches | Base: 1.5" X 2" Inches
✤ Material: Pure brass
✤ Brand Name: IBA Indianbeautifulart
✤ For enhancing your personal decoration.
✤ Function: It\'s a beautiful piece of display that can be used as a Decorative lamp for office, party, wedding, it can be used as a photo prop, costume prop for Halloween or a fancy dress party, The unique and exotic atmosphere will light up everyone\'s sight. It can be a great gift for kids and can also be made a unique gift.
✤ PS: Color Might be vary from images. we will deliver you best match to our stock availablity.