IBA Indianbeautifulart Brass Bell Hanging 7 Bells Lord Ganesha, Lakshmi Saraswati Wall Hanging Chime Temple Decor Diwali Gift

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✤ PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 Wall Hanging
✤ PRODUCT OUTLINING: 3 Step Ganesh Symbol Brass Wall Hanging Chime, 3 Step Laxmi/Ganesh/Saraswati Brass Wall Hanging Chime
✤ BRAND NAME: IBA Indianbeautifulart
✤ DIMENSIONS (APPROX): Height: 6"To 6.5" Inches | Width: 3 Inches
✤ WEIGHT: 230 Grams (Approx.)
✤ ORIGINALITY & CAPTIVATION: This hanging consists of real intricate work with a focus on minute details. It will give your room a creative and religious touch with its holy ambiance. Since it is very eye-catching, it will enhance the décor value of a home, office, temple, etc. Also, it is a valuable gift for any occasion.
✤ PS: Color Might be vary from images. we will deliver you best match to our stock availablity.