IBA Indianbeautifulart Brass Horseshoe keychain Good Luck Charm Car Key Ring Lucky Gift Charm For Men & Women

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✤ PACKAGE: Includes 1 Horseshoe Keychain.
✤ TOP QUALITY MATERIAL: Value-worthy prime quality brass.
✤ STYLE: Golden-colored Horseshoe key chain.
✤ BRAND NAME: IBA Indianbeautifulart
✤ DIMENSIONS (APPROX): Height: 3" Inches | Width: 1" To 1.5" Inches | Weight: 10 Grams
✤ NOVELTY GIFT: Novelty keychain makes a great gift for cowboys or horse lovers.
✤ ADORNMENT & SIGNIFICANCE- This pretty sign is full of beauty, and also, it is a good luck charm. Many people believe that the horseshoe brings good luck in their lives and wards off evil or misfortune.
✤ PS: Color Might be vary from images. we will deliver you best match to our stock availablity.