IBA Indianbeautifulart Golden Brass Figurine Handcrafted Peacock Statue Home Décor Meenakari Sculpture

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This beautifully designed golden peacock figurine has been crafted in Indian traditional style. This figurine is symbolic of vision, self-expression, freedom, guidance, and watchfulness. Also known for their authenticity, peacock figurines can radiate authentic vibes around.

✤ Package: Includes 1 Peacock Figurine
✤ Size(Approx.) : Height: 4" Inches | Width: 4" Inches | Base: 1" To 1.5" Inches
✤ Weight: 40 Grams (Approx.)
✤ Material: Pure Brass
✤ Brand name: IBA Indianbeautifulart
✤ Pattern and Color: Golden colored peacock statue with meenakari work
✤ Function: This figurine will enhance the environment with its authentic aura and gives a classic look to the home, hotel, office, and restaurant.
✤ PS: Color Might be vary from images. we will deliver you best match to our stock availablity.