IBA Indianbeautifulart Pink Hakik Japa Mala, Protection Against Bad Evils 108 + 1 Beads (5mm)

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✤ Includes: 1 piece Pink Hakik Bead Japamala
✤ The pink hakik gemstone helps those who are looking for love immensely. It helps in making your Sun stronger—thereby, rendering more appeal in you. This naturally increases the confidence you possess. This helps you take clearer stand with love and commitment too Approx. Measurement: Bead Size: 5 mm   |  Total Length: 18 Inches
✤ Total number of 5 mm beads =(108+1) 109
✤ BRAND: IBA Indianbeautifulart  
✤ Stone Name: Pink Hakik
✤ This natural stone Pink hakik bead mala is handmade and knotted between each bead.