Indian Multicolor Forehead Bindi Sticker Self Adhesive Wedding Designer Bindi

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* A bindi is a forehead decoration worn in South Asia.
Traditionally, the area between the eyebrows (where the bindi is placed) is said to be the sixth chakra, ajna, the seat of "concealed wisdom". The bindi is said to retain energy and strengthen concentration.
* Set of 6 packs of Bindi's with Single bindi stickers in one pack.
* Color: Multicolor ( As shown in picture).
* Bindi's are beautifully decorated with CZ stones. These are more beautiful in real as Picture does not do any justice to its real beauty.
* The Bindi Adhesive last for a long time but if in the future you feel the need for more adhesive, apply spirit gum or clear eyelash adhesive to the back of the bindi and put it in place, use it this way and our Bindis will last longer then expected.