Nylon 9 Yards Braided Cord Knot Jewelry Beading Diy Rattail String Kumihimo 2 Mm

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* Presenting a 9 Yards Nylon Rattail Cord.
* Material - Nylon.
* Color: Yellow.
* Width 2 MM(Approx.).
* Sale For: 9 Yards.
* Inexpensive but strong thread with a glossy finish.
* Vibrant in color this rattail cord has multipurpose usage such as crafts work or project work for school going children. Made of soft satin material, this rattail fabric can also be used to make women jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, charms etc. You can easily decorate your home too with this rattail satin cord thread. Available in multiple hues, pick up the shade you need for your project work or for crafting your own jewelry.