oneOone Pack Of 60 pcs Rivet Denim Jean Replacement Button Metal Snap Fasteners With Setting Tools Removable Stud Buttons,Gold(1)

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Rivets have been used a lot in fashion; these little metal fasteners are found in all manners of crafts and are used with fabrics. They are used to hold things together or attach them to something else. You can find rivets in just about everything from purses to jeans.

✤ PACK INCLUDES: 60 pcs of Rivet Buttons with setting tool
✤ MATERIAL: High-quality Corrosion-resistant metal | COLOR: Gold
✤ BRAND: oneOone
✤ SIZE: We offer Rivet sizes 8mm/ 8mm/ 9mm/ 10mm with Setting tools.
✤ NO MORE SEWING ON BUTTONS: Easy to apply them on jeans, shirts, jackets, suits, trousers, coats, shirts, overalls, and more, convenient for you to operate without sewing.
✤ EASY TO INSTALL:- Very easy to replace broken buttons on your garments. Set the rivet and button with your fingers; then use the setting tool to squeeze to set the rivet all the way.