Siddh Shri Kumbh Kavach Yantram Indian Rudraksh Religious Locket Yantra Vastu

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* Presenting a Siddh Shri Kumbh Kavach Yantra Locket Embellished With Rudraksh.
* Material: Brass And Rudraksh.
* Pendant Size: 1 X 0.5 Inches.
* Total Length 14" Inches (Approx).
* Weight: 5 - 10 Grams (approx.).
* Color: Antique Gold.
* Made In India.
* Kumbh Sadhana eliminates all kind of dangers and financial problems. If done without any expectation, it gives yoga siddhi and moksha prapti. Swarnaakarshana Bhairava Sadhana removes all kinds of miseries and blesses the sadhaka with everlasting happiness. All kinds of siddhis are blessed by lord bhairava to the true Sadhaka..