Stainless Steel Rectangular School Lunch Box School Tiffin Picnic Food Container

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* Presenting a Stainless Steel Traditional Lunch Box /Tiffin Box.
* Material: Stainless Steel.
* Color- Silver.
* Size (Big): Length – 7" , Width – 4.5", Height – 1.8".
* Size (Small): Length – 4.5" , Width – 1.8", Height – 1.5".
* Weight – 250 to 350 Grams (approx).
* Sale For: 1 Piece.
* This Stainless Steel Lunch Box is ideal for keeping food hot, fresh and safe for long. Built-in lock grooved LID to carry food safely. High grade stainless steel for odourless storage with Dynamic Compact design. It has exotic silver shining and it’s Easy to clean. This is an ideal lunch box for every kid. Made from 100% Stainless Steel making them highly durable and resistance to corrosion.