Traditional Goldtone Ethnic Sari Waist Belt Indian Women Kamar Bandh Jewelry

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* Exquisitely designed, this golden waist Sari belt for women from India, The Art of Jewelry will certainly add oodles of charm to your feminine look. Made from Alloy, this waist belt is superior in quality.
* Beautifully Embellished with acrylic stones .
* Stone color: white & royal blue.
* Base Metal: Goldtone.
* Metal: Alloy.
* Size: 42.9" Inches Display Length with additional 8.6" Inches Chain Length. (Total 60.3" Inches Long) .
* Front Pendant drop width is 5.6" inches with 1.0" Inches Chain Width
* Care Instructions: Keep it dust-free & dirt free in a plastic pouch. Remember to apply your hairspray, perfume, and cosmetics before putting your jewellery on.